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Sunday, January 12, 2020

Savannah: The Getaway Guide

    Savannah is a historic, timeless, and cool place to explore. The best places to go in Savannah are located in the Historic District, which is a few square miles located along the Savannah River. You better get ready to bar hop, take lots of vintage-looking photos, and eat some amazing seafood!

    One of the coolest things about Savannah is that the historic district. It is one of the largest in the United States, consisting of about 1,100 buildings. It is easy to just walk up and down the blocks, explore all the cute stores and squares that make up this district. There is no reason to drive around this area to go to different spots, it is an easy walk to get around.

    This guide is going to give the best scenic places to go check out, photo locations, best restaurants, bars, and shops

Best Scenic Places

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist

The Cathedral of St John the Baptist is a stunning church to go check out. Great place to realm in the details of the design or to take incredible photos of or in front of.

Jones Street

Jones Street is the prettiest street in Savannah and is named one of the most beautiful streets in the nation. The row houses here are stunning. This is a great place to take all your Instagram pictures

Forsyth Park

Forsyth Park is where a lot of engagement photos are taken and weddings. The fountain is renowned and is a great place to come take Instagram pictures or to hang out at. It located at the South end of the historic district.

Renowned places to go

River Street

River Street is one of the most famous places in Savannah. Lined the street are some amazing restaurants and shops. River St runs along the Savannah River and it’s a great place to get a close view of all the passing ships and boats. When on River St you must go to River Street Sweets and get their famous PRALINES... you’ll be blown away! You also get free samples so there is no reason not to get one or two

Chippewa Square

If you’re a movie buff and love “Forest Gump” then you can go visit the famous bench that Forest sits on in the famous movie. The bench scene was shot at Chippewa Square in the heart of the district.

SCAD Museum of Art
Directions here

Savannah is home to SCAD, Savannah College of Arts and Design, and you will see SCAD buildings throughout the Historic District. SCAD gives the historic district a young and artsy vibe which you wouldn’t expect in such an old city. Also if you’re into the arts, SCAD has a Museum of Art which displays modern art & more.

Restaurants & Bars

Savannah has lots of speakeasies, piano bars, and dive bars to check out the throughout historic district. HOWEVER, there isn’t a lot of gay bars or gay anything. There is only one gay club called Club One, but no bars at all.

Rocks on the Roof

Rocks on the Roof was one of my favorite bars in Savannah. The rooftop was so awesome because it overlooks the Savannah River. My friend and I went at night and we got the “Savannah Mule”, definitely worth it. The live music made the mood of the bar memorable and watching the ships pass by was equally as cool.

The Grey
Directions here

My favorite restaurant I went to in Savannah was called The Grey. It was an old Greyhound station repurposed to be a swanky retro restaurant. The design of it takes you back to the 50s-60s and I remember just being in awe. The food was really good and the cocktail menu was unique here. The oysters and chicken were very good. You’re looking to spend about $30-$40 for a cocktail and dinner here but well worth it.

The Olde Pink House

The Olde Pink House is a stable and iconic restaurant in Savannah’s historic district. It is in a colonial mansion and very picturesque. It is upscale so expect to pay about $40-$50 a person and make sure you reserve a table. You can’t just walk in for lunch and dinner, there are set times that meals are served throughout the day.

Best Photo Locations

Trustees Theater
Directions here

Trustees Theatre is vintage and is an iconic place to take photos in front of. You can’t miss the giant SCAD sign that’s above it.

E Broughton St

E Broughton St is great for all types of photos! The street is lined with shops, rustic hotels, and cute cafes. Definitely, a must to check out anyways for shopping. You can find many historic buildings here, such as, the Marshall House, which is a super "Instagramble" hotel right on the strip.

Side note*** Check out all the different squares in the historic district. They're all different and some of the most distinguished, well-kept row houses are located around the squares.

Savannah is such a great option for a fun quick weekend trip. You really can’t go wrong, it’s always a great time to walk and explore the historic district. Going to Savannah or know of someone who is? Share my post and comment down below! Stay tuned for more city guides

- Corofcor


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Cold-Weather Style: How to dress for winter

     As temperatures plummet this time of year, it is probably in your best interest to know how to dress warm... but also be a fashion killer. Winter can be fun, but also cold, wet, windy, and miserable... here is everything you need to know for dressing for the most wonderful time of the year.

Your First Barrier

     Personally, I think a long trench coat or topcoat is ideal for winter conditions. They are often long enough to cover your legs from the wind and add an additional partial layer to the bottoms your wearing. Burberry coats are great because some of them have a removable wool lining that adds additional warmth on colder days. If its a slightly warmer day, then you can remove the lining and have a lighter trench coat. These coats are very durable, you can drape them, wear them, wear the belt over the coat, let the trench belt hang, there are so many ways to style them.

   If long coats aren't your thing then a parka will keep you insulated and warm. Parkas come in many forms, windproof, waterproof, freezing conditions, removable hoods, and many other types for whatever you need in any condition. I have had by parka now for 6 years and I still use it! They are very durable and I am very warm in snow conditions. It is my coat of choice for when I go up to Saratoga Springs in the Wintertime. Canada Goose makes quality parkas and is a very common sight in cold climates.

Winter Footwear

     These are "Duck" boots and they're great for snowy and slippery conditions. L.L. Bean is a great choice when it comes to buying boots because they have a lifetime warranty which most people don't know about. The bottom is made of rubber and is waterproof, so it's ideal for the wet snow and rainy conditions. Other companies like Sperry and Hunter make similar variations of the "Duck" boot too.

   Every man should have a pair of black or brown leather boots. Steve Madden is a great shoe company and their products last a long time. I had a pair of there brown leather boots for years until I wore out the soles because they were so comfortable and held up for so long. Boots will help keep your feet nice and warm on those freezing winter days.

Layer up

   Here are a few ways you can layer up for the cold to give you some ideas... Think of base layers like turtlenecks, sweaters, the pairing of scarfs, etc. Remember you can wear a top coat over jackets and blazers for extra warmth and make you look snazzy. 

  I learned the hard way in NYC on a freezing day how important beanies are... they make such a big difference! You can't go wrong with getting a neutral-colored one like black or tan color. Here are some decent ones I recommend getting.

 If it is cold out, like very cold out, you have to have a scarf and gloves... You'll regret it otherwise. Boy did I regret not buying gloves your hands will literally be frozen when you're trying to use your phone without them. Here is my list of accessories that will keep you warm and bougie for winter.

   Gucci makes a soft scarf that you can wear all day and it not be itchy or too heavy. I'm obsessed with mine and I love how most of them are reversible to change up your looks. Well worth the money if you're in a cold climate a lot.
   Gloves are everything especially on cold windy days when you're trying to use your phone. Asos makes decent looking gloves that do the job for under $50.

Get these essentials to beat the cold and stay warm during winter. Like always subscribe at the top to be notified of my new posts and follow my Instagram, CorofCor. Comment below what you want to see next.



Friday, December 13, 2019

The ultimate guide to explore NYC for a weekend (Part 2)

         This part of the ultimate guide will cover some of the best places to shop, sights you should see, and some of my spots I recommend for Instagram pictures... which is one of the most important parts of a trip... If you haven't already subscribed at the top so you get all the updates on my posts!

  It is no surprise that NYC has some seriously good shopping, and it is no surprise that I like to shop so here you go...

5th Avenue
  Name a more iconic place to go shopping... I'll wait. Breakfast at Tiffany's was shot on 5th, Trump Tower, Cartier, Harry Winston, Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf Goodman, every big designer shares this Avenue. Even strolling down 5th Ave and going to Central Park is just a cool experience being amongst the huge stores lined along this Avenue.

Macy's 34th St
  Claimed as the largest store in the world, I would have to agree with it. This isn't like your average Macy's. It is really like a full-on mall with multiple levels, designer stores within, and it seems endless. Pretty cool to check out!
Chelsea Market
   Chelsea Market is a cool gem filled with cute stores and lots of cafes, and places to try new foods. Located along the High Line Park, it makes for the perfect stop. This market is really its own building and has a different feel than any other mall you've been too. The stores that make up the Chelsea Market are like local shops that you won't be able to get anywhere else. Take me Chelsea Market

  By far the coolest looking out of this list. The Oculus is an indoor mall, subway station and even its own sight that you should go take your pictures of. You can't miss the artistic design, looks super futuristic, almost out of a sci-fi movie. Step inside the Oculus and you'll be shocked to see that it is actually a multi-leveled mall with many stores to choose from. Take me the Oculus

Hudson Yards
  I would have to say that besides 5th Ave that Hudson Yards was one of my favorite places to go shopping. If you like bougie malls that offer everything from Cartier to Neiman Marcus than make this apart of your agenda to come check out. Hudson Yards was opened in March of 2019 so it's still super glitzy and new! With 7 total floors of shopping and restaurants, I've sure you'll come to realize why it's one of my favorite places to come shop and explore. Take me to Hudson Yards

 Here is a condensed list of some of the best places to go check out during your weekend trip to the city... now I couldn't fit all of them BUT the ones I listed are pretty solid choices to go check out and are iconic for the city.
Battery Park
 Located at the Southern tip of Manhattan lies, Battery Park. The park is pretty sprawled out and you can see the Statue of Liberty from this point as well. I wouldn't wait for hours to take the ferry to go see the Statue of Liberty, you can honestly get pretty good pictures from the park. The park also has spectacular views of the Financial District and features a WWII memorial as well. Take me to Battery Park

Wall St
You must come to this iconic location. This is the heart of the Financial District and where the New York Stock Exchange stands. A popular place to get photos and be amongst all the business people rushing around. Take me to Wall St

The Bull
The Charging Bull or the Wall Street Bull is a famous bronze sculpture. Just got to the Bull and take pics, it's like a status symbol of the Financial District. Take me to the Charging Bull

World Trade Center Memorial 
 This memorial is beautiful, they truly did an amazing job with creating a tranquil space where people can come and remember what took place there on September 11th, 2001. The Freedom Tower stands tall over the memorial pools and its stunning for pictures. Adjacent to the memorial is the FDNY Memorial Wall and this is a great way to commemorate the tragedy. Take me to the WTC Memorial

Hudson Yards "Vessel"
 Definitely, a cool site to see! It was cool taking pics in front of the copper looking structure. It is free but seems like quite the hike to go all the way to the top of it. In total the vessel is 16 floors to reach the top... Take me to the Vessel

**Note I didn't include Times Square... It is a tourist trap and most locals avoid it because it is so crowded. If you've never been here do stop by but I wouldn't spend too much time here.

Photo spots
 Y'all know I love taking pictures! Here are a few of the places I took photos and you should too.

Brooklyn Bridge
 I mean just look at my cover photo... hello it's your turn to take bomb photos here too! I prefer to stand in the middle and block everyone's way, but that's just me. If you angle it right you can get the perfect angle with the Manhattan skyline, it is breathtaking. Some people were hanging off the side or climbing on the sides... just keep in mind that if you fall you'll most likely be hit by the cars below and that wouldn't be fun. #hospitalgirlsummer Take me to the Brooklyn Bridge

 Bushwick, Brooklyn is an artsy neighborhood with murals in some spots literally lining the streets. It was cool to take some OOTD photos here and to see all the different art installations. 

Central Park
  Of course, this made my list! The point that I highlighted on the map you can't miss in person, it is literally a huge rock and I'm sure you'll see many people climbing it and taking pics up there. I like this spot because of the view of Billionaires Row with the various skyscrapers, it's simply impeccable the view alone. Take me to the cool rock
Flatiron Building
 Another true symbol of New York City. You have most definitely have seen a picture of the Flatiron building. If you time it right with the traffic you can take some really awesome OOTD, walking pics, and in the street photos of you in the building... just be careful because the street lights turn quickly.

 You have probably seen many MANY pictures of this portrait perfect street in DUMBO, Brooklyn. Just know there will be tons of people here doing their pictures and it gets tricky because people also drive down this street so just know that there will be constant pauses in between pics.

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- CorofCor


Friday, November 22, 2019

The ultimate guide to explore NYC for a weekend (Part 1)

         New York City is like no other city and simply a one-weekend trip won't be enough! Since I am moving to this great city in January and recently did a weekend trip myself, I compiled for you a list of places to check out along with some tips to get the most out of your time and money in the Big Apple. If you've been following my posts you know I love a good rooftop, good food, good shopping, and of course good places to shoot photos.

 One thing I always like to cover is transportation for traveling around the city. For this past weekend, my friend and I only Ubered once from EWR airport to our Airbnb in Bushwick. Other than that $58 Uber which was one way, we took the subway everywhere and walked. For the subway, you will need $1 for the MetroCard and I recommend getting the 7-day unlimited pass if you know you're going to be using the subway frequently. It costs $2.75 each swipe of the card to get into the subway, not per ride or per stop. The cost of a 7-day pass is $33 and it's unlimited on NYC subways and buses. My friend put $30 on her MetroCard and then by the next day had to put another $15-$20 on it, so since we were using it so much, it was cheaper to get the 7-day unlimited pass. Taxis and Ubers get expensive fast so it is a great alternative and often times gets you to a location a lot faster.

***Keep in mind that if you're traveling with a group or went to the wrong station with the unlimited card that you can not re-swipe your MetroCard at the turnstile for 10-15 minutes, it'll say that you already swiped your card... so you will have to wait.

I recommend downloading these apps to help you navigate the subways since they can be very confusing at times.

 Transit gives you updates on slowdowns and gives you step by step directions to get to your destinations. It was a lifesaver because I had no CLUE at first what signs meant and where to go. Download Transit here

 This is another really good free app to navigate around the subway. The subway app is just a map of all the different lines. Unlike the transit app, you'll need to know where you are or what station you're at and where exactly you want to get off since it is just a normal map. Download NYC Subway here 

***Check out how to get the best deals on flights here

  If you're looking for an authentic experience in the city and save some money then your best option is staying in an Airbnb. You can score some really cute ones in Williamsburg, Brooklyn or even Hoboken, New Jersey and just be a short subway ride to the city versus paying hundreds and hundreds more a night to stay at a hotel in Manhattan. I would recommend staying close to a subway station as it will easier for you to get around the city obviously.  

Manhattan Rooftops
    I love rooftops and Manhattan has some of the best views I've ever experienced. Be prepared to spend some money just to get in though. If you can get past paying a hefty cover then you'll simply be in awe over the skyline especially at night. Also, keep in mind that drinks are pricy as well. 

    By far one of my favorite rooftops ever! The view of the Empire State Building can't be beaten. The drinks here are also amazing. I really enjoyed my Moscow Mule and my Caramel Cream Martini. There are heat lamps upstairs during cold nights and they give you complimentary red robes to bundle yourself in. On the Saturday night we went the cover was $80 just to get in and drinks were easily $20 apiece with tip. If you rather party it up and dance, a floor below is a nightclub with the same stellar views through panoramic windows. It is well worth it!

    Another classy rooftop bar I recommend checking out is the Refinery Rooftop. It sits atop the Refinery Hotel and has a cute outdoor seating section as well as a full bar that is enclosed with a clear roof so you still get picturesque views of the Empire State Building. If you want to escape the cold then I recommend making a reservation for a table in the enclosed section. There was no cover the night we went and a single glass of champagne with tip was about $15 here. Definitely, a classy place to have a drink in Manhattan.

  It's no surprise that NYC has a variety of food being that it is such a diverse city. Here is a list of restaurants that I enjoyed and would definitely return to again and again.

    Nestled in between 6th Avenue and Broadway, this bistro has excellent views of the busy tourist areas of 33rd and 34th street. The Harold had good mussels if you enjoy seafood as much as I do, and their sandwiches were delicious as well! So if you're in the mood for good American bistro styled food and want good service definitely check out the Harold.

     I got "The Smith Eggs Benedict"...  (black forest ham, ciabatta english muffin, hollandaise, poached eggs, home fries) It was soo good! I also got a cappuccino that I drank before my food came. The Smith has a bright aesthetic inside with a pretty cool wrap-around bar that is stocked to the ceiling. There are four different locations in Manhattan, we went to the one near the FlatIron building off of Broadway.

   I know this seems a basic NYC place BUT LISTEN, it is so cheap and delicious. You can get 2 slices of pizza and a drink for like $5-$7 and the slices are big. Great if you're hungry and don't wanna spend like $20-$30 at a casual dinner place. There is also Little Italy Pizza off W 45th St that is also a great choice and they offer a 2 slice of cheese pizza deal with a drink for only $6. This is great before a night out!

    Located in trendy Williamsburg, Brooklyn is a super cute French bistro called Juliette. Up above I got the "Grilled Chicken Sandwich" which I would totally get again. My friend and I also got a glass of champagne with berries in it which was sweet and refreshing. All in all, we only spend $25-$30 apiece here for an amazing brunch.

    This was my second time eating here and it is the bomb. I got the fettuccine alfredo was basil and I would totally get it again. The fresh bread they include at the beginning of your meal with the olive oil is fire! They also bring you Italian styled donuts with powdered sugar at the end of your meal. My friend and cousin loved their meals as well! Dinner here with tip came out to be about $25.

Dessert Spots
 Continuing with great delicious food sometimes you must finish the meal off with a sensational dessert. Here are some places for must go if you're looking to appease a sweet tooth... 

    BEST CHEESECAKE EVER... makes Cheesecake Factory look novice honestly. I recommend just getting the original because the texture is so light and creamy you don't need all the other flavors! There is one around the corner from Times Square, you must go!

   If you love cookie dough as much as I do then here you go... Cookie dough fantasies right here... They have so many different flavors of cookie dough that it is a little overwhelming. Super cute inside to take some Instagram photos as well!

  If you're a pastry lover, cakes, pies, and anything sweet, you need to come to Eataly NYC market! The cannolis here are simply to die for. If Orlando had an Eataly with the cannolis I would be fat because I would want them all the time. I loved the pistachio flavored cannoli the most. Even just to walk through the Eataly market is cool because they sell all sorts of cheeses, wines, and other groceries.

   This covers the first half of the Ultimate guide to explore NYC for a weekend. The next part of the guide will go into detail about some of the sights that are a must to check out, some great places to shop, and my top places to take photos! Part 2 will be posted on Nov 27th so stay tuned.

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Wednesday, November 6, 2019

How to take an amazing selfie

       Let's be real it's 2019, and we still see people who can't take a decent photo of themselves. Time and time again we browse our social media accounts and we see bad angles, poor lighting, or just awkward photos of people. I am personally annoyed by these bad photos on the dating app platforms, you're trying to make a good impression and instead, people are distracted by the terrible picture and from that will most likely swipe left.

     In this post, I will show you how to take not only a good photo but, also how to edit your photo. For years I have perfected taking self-portraits of myself and editing them in a way that you would never guess that I did them all myself. Here are some of my favorite photos that I've shot of myself and edited myself.

        These were all shot in 10-second intervals on my Sony Cybershot on a tripod... in other words, if I can shoot these incredible pictures in 10 seconds, then you can take a good selfie in the matter of minutes with these tips and tricks. With the advancements in cellphone cameras, you don't even need a crazy DSLR camera anymore to achieve impeccable photos.

Let's start off with what not to do and some real-life examples of just bad photos. If you're going to take a selfie and post it to social media or a dating app then own the photo and be confident.

           Covering your face with your phone doesn't show confidence and blocks out the lighting. Know your angles, sometimes a simple head-on shot is a winner.
You should be the focus of the photo not the background. The background simply illuminates your presence in the picture, it shouldn't be the other way around.
If the hat was tilted a little more upward and the sun covered his face then the photo would have been a lot better. We would be able to see his features more clearly.
Make sure the lighting is in front of you and not above you directly. If the background is noisy don't be scared to just take a photo on a blank wall, that way you remain the focus of the photo.

***Disclaimer: I don't own the rights to these photos. I don't know these people personally and they were found on the World Wide Web.

       Now that we covered what not to do, let's cover the basics. You should have good lighting in your photo. We should be able to see your face clearly without awkward shadows. I'm not saying go out and buy a ring light, but you should position yourself either in front of a light or allow sunlight or whatever light source to illuminate your face. Don't worry if the light washes out your skin tone, that's what editing is for and I'll show you how to do that. You also don't want the light to be behind you either, again this creates shadows and we want to see all of you! In my experience of shooting my own photos, and doing photography for other people it's best to have too much light than not enough light in a photo because when applying filters and editing you have an easier time manipulating the lighting to how you want it. You can even filter in how much light you want in your picture on your iPhone before you take the picture.

    By holding the screen and scrolling your finger up and down you can filter how much light you want in your photo. This also focuses on camera more on you by placing yourself in the box like so.

        As you can gauge from my self-portrait pictures, a background can add value to your photos tremendously. You should decide on whether you want a simple background like a solid-colored wall, or a textured background like rocks or trees, or even a landscape background. For the pictures above, I wanted them to be dramatic and wanted them to feel like they were taken for a magazine so I mimicked my backgrounds to mirror that image. For let's say a Tinder or dating app profile picture, you could wear a colorful outfit and snap a picture in front of a white wall. The colors would contrast nicely and adding in a candid laugh makes the picture feel less posed and more natural. So you should think of a general theme for the photo, whether you want it to be simple or a little more complex.
   I wanted to add depth to the picture so I incorporated the buildings in the background with the road. The background adds to the photo, yet I'm still the focus, that's how a good selfie stands out over a mediocre one.

       This next part of the photo is critical. To avoid looking awkward, or "too vogue" work on your poses and make them look natural. Want a cute smiling photo? Then my tip to you is to literally laugh out loud... sounds stupid I know BUT you will honestly get the best results for a natural unposed smiling/laughing photo. For iPhone users, you can hold down the shutter button to take burst photos to get the perfect candid pic. Burst mode is amazing for walking or action shots that you want to look more natural instead of posed. If you don't have an iPhone or want to try a different method you can shoot a video and screenshot the stills that you like as well. Either method expands on the notion of getting a candid natural photo without a superposed vibe. The pics smiling/laughing pics below were taken using the "laugh out loud" method... and you would think a friend told a funny joke and you snapped the perfect picture in that exact moment...

   For the selfie I took for this post, you better believe I was fake laughing to get that candid natural smile.

    For camera pictures, invest in a cheap tripod and utilize the self-timer function. You'll probably have to take like 20-30 pictures just to get a few really good ones but it's well worth it. You can also get a tripod for your phone. iPhones have a self-timer that you can use in the same way as a camera. The self-timer technique is great because it's not like anyone can tell you took it yourself.  

For smiling/laughing pics  -  Burst mode or take a video and screenshot

Walking/motion pictures   -  Burst mode or take a video and screenshot

Take advantage of the golden hour in the evening for bright lighting, also overcast days provide bright lighting that is excellent for photos.

If the self-timer function isn't your thing you can plug your headphones into your iPhone, open up your camera and use the volume switches to take photos, this way you can take a fuller picture and you can snap as many as you want without having to reset the self-timer.

Another inexpensive tool that does wonders is a Bluetooth photo clicker. They're $6 on Amazon and you use it to sync to your phone. It works similar to the headphone jack method, you open your camera and press the clicker which takes your photos automatically after pairing the clicker through your phone's Bluetooth. This is an excellent way to take self-portrait shots from a full body view and capture the background. The clicker is small enough to conceal in the palm of your hand out of view from the photo itself. Shutter Button Via Amazon
    Editing is such a fundamental step of photography whether it be a selfie or a fashion editorial. I will show you two ways that most people use to edit their photos that isn't complicated like photoshop.  In recent years, Apple has really advanced its iPhone editing tools and it is pretty spot on. Using the unedited picture I took, in the beginning, let me walk you through the steps of using the iPhone editing functions to get the most out of your selfie.

      I wanted the picture to look a bit more vibrant without looking too filtered. Auto can be a good starting out tool for editing, but I would still brush up on the exposure, brilliance, and highlights.
 Shadows and the black point feature add more depth into the picture and makes the photo more defined. A little saturation and vibrance add some more color without being too overbearing.

  The end result is that I don't look as washed out and the added color makes the picture pop more. Less than 3 minutes of editing on the iPhone and the picture looks more lively and not overexposed.

   Another really popular application that I've used for years for my own photos and for my clients whose photos I've taken is VSCO. It is a free download with the option to purchase more filter packs. Taking the same photo, let me show you how to properly edit your selfie to get the best results.

     So for this edit, I chose a filter that wasn't too warped, which made the blue sweater look good and added some color to my pale complexion. The hint of the blue filter sits well for the entire photo, and I like how the vignette allows a slighter focus on the subject without it looking too edited. 

     It is a little duller in color than the iPhone edited picture, but it creates a slightly different vibe. It is still a better photo than the original, again, took less than 3 minutes to edit.

If you're serious about your pictures and what a consistent theme to work off of then I recommend getting a preset and using Adobe Lightroom. I bought mine off Etsy for $4 and it has changed my content and Instagram theme for the best. I highly recommend it and you simply just apply the preset to the photo and it pretty much does all the work for you, it's well worth it in my opinion if you're looking for a constant look and theme to your pictures. Check out Esty's preset selection here.

    I hope this post helps your selfie game and gives you the tips and tricks to take confident effortless pictures. If you liked the content in this post please repost and tag my social media handles. If you haven't already please subscribe at the top so you can get notified about all my new posts! Also, comment below and tell me what you want me to cover next... Till next time

- CorofCor

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