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Tuesday, April 13, 2021

48 hr in Orlando


The City Beautiful
    Otown, The City Beautiful, The city where Mickey Mouse lives, whatever name you want to identify Orlando as is a place packed with exciting things to do and explore. There is way more to Orlando than just your typical theme parks. When speaking to tourists, they often think that as locals, all we do is go to the parks, and they may be true for some, but there is so much more to Orlando. This post offers more than your Disney World, Seaworld, and Universal Studios activities. In this post, I compiled the top things I would do in Orlando in a 48-hour span (Saturday-Sunday). 

    This list is perfect for locals looking to try new things and tourists looking to explore the real Orlando. You know I'm all about aesthetics and taking bomb Instagram photos, so be sure to bring cute outfits along and to charge up your camera because, most of all, these places have great photo locations. This list is made up of a schedule format on how I would schedule out my day in Otown, but these can be interchanged based on your interests!
        9am   The first place you should go on a Saturday is the Winter Park, Farmers Market.  Before Covid, it was set up at a vintage train depot off of S New York Ave. Now it's set up in a field only up the block. The market offers everything from food trucks, to plants/flowers, to farmers' produce. This is a great start to the morning, you can get some cute photos in, bum around outside, and you'll surely see lots and LOTS of dogs.


        10am After strolling around the Winter Park Farmers Market and grabbing a bite to eat, it's time to walk across the way to Park Ave. Here you will find many great places to take cute Instagram photos, cute cafes, and amazing restaurants. If you walk down to the South end of Park Ave, you have Rollins College, there's a Starbucks, and a rose garden on that end. If you walk down the North end of Park Ave, you have Casa Feliz Historic House Museum (A pretty wedding venue), beautiful places for photos, and a golf course.

*Kilwins is along Park Ave as a reference point, but also... they have the best ice cream, just saying!

        11am-1pm Once all the Instagram photos have been taken, it's time to go to one of my favorite places, East End Market. This market is in Orlando's cute area, where you'll find cute coffee shops, cafes, and a trendier vibe. East End Market, however, has so many cool vendors in such close proximity. They have Lineage Coffee which is amazing, Skybryd has the best wraps and juices, and YOU HAVE TO TRY Gideons Cookies... for $5, you get half a pound of cookie awesomeness! DOMU is so delicious if you're into Japanese ramen. This is a great lunch choice if you haven't eaten up until this point! Make sure to put your name first when you get there because the wait can be long at times, but totally worth the wait! 

    *Also, across the street is Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream, and I'm telling you right now it is the best place for dessert! My friends and I only ever go there because it is so delicious.

        1pm-3pm After you had an amazing time at East End Market and Kelly's Ice Cream, it is time to explore one of Orlando's prettiest parks, Leu Gardens. This is down the street from East End Market, and the park itself is huge. It's about 50 acres, to be exact, and it's a botanic garden with a butterfly garden and a herb garden. Lots of weddings take place here, and you'll catch on quickly as to why after stepping on the grounds. You can spend hours roaming the trails, and there is even a big rose garden and fountain in the middle. For the love of God, you must BRING A CAMERA and pose in the rose garden; it is so stunning. Costs about $5-$10 a person but, it's totally worth it!

        3pm-6pm After you're relaxed touring Leu Gardens, it's time to have some fun! This next place is a little touristy, but there is so much to do there. ICON Park off of International Drive has The Orlando Eye (400 ft tall observation wheel), Sealife Aquarium (I've been, and it's so cool), Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and over 40 amazing restaurants, bars, and shops. There is no admission to go to ICON Park; however, all the activities are a la carte but sometimes on Groupon, they offer group deals on the attractions. 

    After exploring the main attractions, I would say go grab a drink at The Sugar Factory for a cool cocktail. It's definitely worth the experience and the Instagram photos here. Restaurants I recommend here are Yard House, Shake Shake (Oh my god), and Uncle Julio's Mexican from Scratch.

        7pm-9pm Kings Dining & Entertainment, aka bowling, is a lot of fun. They play top club hits, there are TVs above each lane, and even bottle service if that is your vibe. They also have pool tables, a full bar, and a restaurant. Really great for all ages. I always have such a fun time here!

        10pm This is when the night really starts! You have to check out one of my favorite bars, Howl at the Moon! This is a lively dueling piano bar, and it's so much fun. You get to request the songs they play. They always have great drink specials, and it's always poppin'.

        11pm-Whenever If you wanna party all night long, you should definitely go to Roccos Tacos! For starters, this place has, in my opinion, some of the best Mexican food in Orlando, and don't get me started on the Guac. The restaurant basically turns into a club after the dinner rush with lively music and amazing drinks. Super fun to come here, get dressed up, and get some drinks!

          9am-11am After you survived a fun Saturday night, get ready because it is SUNDAY FUNDAY which is huge in Orlando, especially downtown. Kickstarting the day, go to the Lake Eola Farmer's Market. This market is much bigger than the Winter Park farmer's market. Here there are food trucks, fresh food stands, local artisans, honey stands, trinket stands, and everything else you could imagine at a market. After exploring the market, rent an electric scooter or bike and explore Lake Eola Park. The park is so stunning, and if you follow me on Instagram (Click the IG Icon above), you know that I'm literally always there. There are swans everywhere, the beautiful skyline, and of course, the iconic fountain.

        11am-1pm SUNDAY FUNDAY truly starts at Brunch. You have to get here at 11am sharp because this is one of the best downtown brunch places, The Stubborn Mule. Everyone dresses cute here on Sundays, there is live music, and there are BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS. Often times they just bring the bottle to the table and leave it there. The food here is "innovative" New American which basically means it's cheat meal day.

        1pm-4pm If you're able to function after all the mimosas, you should head over to an Orlando City Game (If in season). These games are so much fun, and the tickets are so cheap! It's not a super far walk from Stubborn Mule but, you could always rent the scooters or bikes or just call an Uber. Being in the fan zone is the best; the energy is unreal. When my friends and I go, we pay like $15 for a ticket which is crazy. Of course, you can drink during the games too!

        4pm-6pm Pop over to Ember on Central Blvd in Downtown afterward for some more Sunday Funday fun. This is like a big gay party! They play the best music, bottomless mimosas, and they have hookas. Check online sometimes, you have to claim your ticket, aka spot online, before entering. The last time my friends and I went, it was $15 for bottomless mimosas! I always look forward to Sundays at Ember.


        6pm-8pm Go to Hawkers Asian Street food for dinner... literally, you guys, it is so good. I'm seriously addicted to it! Hawkers is off Mill's 50, a very artsy district, so definitely walkabout before or after exploring the scene. Lots of great murals and photo locations throughout the area.

        8pm The Glass Knife is a STAPLE in Orlando for dessert. You'll thank me after you go! They have the BEST CAKE and pastries. Not only is it Instagram-worthy, but the taste is so decadent and rich. This place is also great for photos, it is adorable on the outside and inside.

        9pm-11pm Featured on Instagram once or twice, Guesthouse. One of my favorite bars in Orlando is also located in the Mills 50 district. They have great drinks, great music, and it's also attached to another bar, the Sunroom. I get L.A. off Melrose vibes from the Guesthouse. It's a charming bar.


        11pm-1am Tori Tori is a really cool bar to check out of Mills Ave. It's a great place to end an amazing weekend. The bar is so aesthetically pleasing inside! It has a very trendy vibe, from the music to the interesting menu. You must go take cute photos in the palm print bathroom; it is ICONIC.

    Alright you guys, that does it for today's post, 48hr in Orlando! If you liked this post please comment down below and share it on your social media. Be sure to share with anyone who is planning to come to Orlando too! Don't forget to sign up for your email to get notified every time I upload a new post!! Thank you so much for reading and there will be a new post tomorrow. - CorofCor

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