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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

11 ways to completely revamp your style

Confidence is bliss

    Hey everyone, and welcome back! This post is all about revamping your look so that you feel more confident and put together. Every day we should feel beautiful, stylish, and self-assured that we look awesome and, most importantly, feel awesome! Fashion is meant to be experimented with, it's meant to be expressed, and it's meant to be fun. 

    This post is diving right into the tips, hacks, and elements that I've used to revamp my wardrobe and style. Together, we can revamp your look and get you to the point of almighty confidence!

*Like my outfit? Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to get the look ;)

    I know it's easier said than done but, I promise that you'll not only feel relieved, but it'll be beneficial for you to clearly organize your wardrobe. To be honest, I try to do this at least every 6 months. I like to do this because I'm a visual person, and then I can clearly see what I have that may be newer that I haven't worn as much. Another pro about doing this is that you can feel good about donating your older clothes to charity or even trying to resell them to make some extra coin.
    I love doing this one! Like I stated at the beginning of this post, "Fashion is meant to be experimented with." The quick fix here is to try on pairings that you never have tried on before - and that you would never think to put together. Some of my favorite outfits were created this way! One saying that I always keep in mind for this styling is, "If I know deep down that my outfit matches, yet I'm unsure about it, then I'm being fashion-forward." 

    Number three is great because this will help you to think through your outfits ahead of time. The 8 - hour rule is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of rushing at 7 a.m. to think of an outfit to wear to then most likely grabbing the same things every day, this rule makes you think the night before of what you'll wear the next day. Simple right? This makes a big difference giving it a little more thought the day before. You'll find putting together new outfits refreshingly easy!
    This is the almighty power of style, The Capsule Collection. You're probably like, what is that? I got you; this is like the staples, the foundation of your wardrobe. This is a collection of garments designed to be worn together,, which are harmonized in color and lines. Basically, it is the essentials needed to complete many looks and outfits. More on The Capsule Collection, on next week's post!
    Accessories are my go-to when it comes to styling. Just some simple jewelry, a scarf, or even a bag can drastically elevate your look altogether. If you're not used to adding accessories start small. I would recommend starting out with a neutral-toned watch or even a bracelet and adding more pieces each week. Bags are also a great addition to revamp your look,, and this can be an easier route to incorporate accessories. The rule of thumb is to always have at least a black bag and a brown bag. Those two colors alone go with so much!
    If you couldn't tell in the main photo of this post... I'm layering. The art of layering is a great tool to use when revamping your style because it creates numerous outfits. Adding that extra detail of a jacket, a cardigan, a swimsuit cover-up will make you look more thoughtful and often times will also make you look more expensive. A great piece to have that is a part of the capsule collection is a denim jacket. You can do so many layering looks with a denim jacket: a hoodie under the denim jacket, a graphic tee under the denim jacket, or even a tank top under the denim jacket.
    I have found so many legit treasures from thrift stores and vintage stores! Most of my favorite clothes are from the thrift store because they're so unique and different; a retail store just could never! You can literally get so many nice clothes for cheap at these places,, and no one would ever know. This a great way to introduce new looks into revamping your style. Start by searching for thrift stores near you. Just know that it can be hit or miss,, but it's also the hunt that makes finding amazing pieces so rewarding and fun.
    This is a real fun one... Sometimes you have to make those tough decisions,, and unfortunately, styling is no different. Get clothes that you WILL ACTUALLY wear and AVOID exuberant spending. I put that in all caps for myself... as a reminder because the decisions are tough sometimes. By making better decisions on what you're actually buying, I can vouch that you will immediately become more mindful, confident, and stylish in your choices.
    So I have actually been doing this for my Spring theme,, and I must say it has been so helpful in my style game. So start by going to your closet and turning all the hangers to face the opposite direction. Then, as you wear your clothes, you’ll return them to the closet with the hanger facing the usual way. This is a great way to actually show yourself what you've been wearing,, and it will challenge your creativity to style the remainder of the clothes. A true fashionista in the making!
    I've fallen victim to this once or twice... just don't do it! Aim to incorporate more wearable pieces that you can restyle into other outfits. From experience, don't spend money on something for only one occasion because then it'll just sit in your closet and you'll regret ever buying it in the first place. Stick to classic colors or neutral tones for an event, you can never go wrong,, and STYLE IT differently in the future. 
    Here is another fun challenge to revamp your style altogether! For example, the blazer I'm wearing in the photo, I'm wearing it "traditionally"; however, try draping it or rolling up the sleeves and seeing how that transitions your look altogether. Costs nothing to wear it differently yet can completely revamp your entire outfit. This is a great tool to use if you're tired of wearing the same outfits all the time. Just try something new; you might fall in love with the new style!

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    Those are my TOP 11 tips, tricks, and hacks for revamping your style! I hope this was insightful and helpful in your quest of being stylish and more confident in your look. Like always, please drop your email down at the bottom so you never miss another one of my posts. Also, make sure to follow me on LiketoKnow.It (Heart Icon) and my Instagram (Camera Icon), so you can keep up to date and see all my outfit inspirations! Thank you! - CorofCor

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