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Monday, January 20, 2020

Where to take a date in Orlando

      Whether you're married, engaged, dating, in a relationship with yourself, or taking a special someone on a date for the first time, you've thought about where to go on a date. Orlando can be overwhelming with options, and let's not forget that Orlando is really broken up into the "Tourism" side and the "Local" side. Both share different experiences that are great for dates! My friends ask me all the time where they should go for dates, so here is a list of the best places and ideas for dates in the Orlando area. I broke down the list from spending a modest amount $ to going all-out $$$.

Flexing on a budget $
(From $0 - $40)

  1.  Picnic at Lake Eola (Directions here)

        I love this idea, being outside with the lake setting with someone you care about, it's just really cute. There is free 2-hour parallel parking on N Eola Dr. or you can pay a few dollars for the metered parking along Central Blvd. There are many grassy areas at Lake Eola to choose from, some are more secluded than others. The best spots are located on the peninsula that jets out onto the lake (See photo) and underneath the trees in the field on the East side of the park, just make sure to bring a blanket. There is a Publix off of Central Blvd that is across the street from the park so it's perfect for getting your picnic food, I always suggest ordering Publix subs because you can never go wrong! This is perfect for a cute lunch date or a sunset date... your welcome!

          Don't overlook the Orlando eye! It is 23 minutes to ride, and you get a great view from 400 ft above ground. It is also climate controlled so it won't mess up your date's hair, so it's a win-win situation. It is actually really cool at night and it's pretty affordable compared to other attractions in the area. If you time it right you and your date can see the fireworks at Disney World and Universal Studios at night which is a nice touch to date. The Sea Life Aquarium is actually a cool experience and it's not as small as you would think. You and your date can definitely spend a few hours going around and seeing the different tanks and exhibits! Sea Life Aquarium is at the same location as The Orlando Eye and they always have deals on Groupon to do multiple attractions, click here to check out their deals. Florida residents pay $19.95 per person to ride The Wheel and $34.95 per person to do both, The Wheel and Sea Life. Definitely a memorable, not your average movie or putt-putt golf type of date!

          I can tell you first hand that it's always a good time. The shows are a good length where you and your date can enjoy the show and not feel bored. For $20 general admission you'll wonder why you haven't been after all this time. Definitely a great idea if you want a lighthearted date with your crush and not a typical dinner date. 

         Disney Springs is really cool for a date because it covers so many options. Disney Springs itself is free to park and enter... it's what you do at Disney Springs that adds those dollar signs $$$. There are some great places at Disney Springs that top off a date like Ghirardelli and Earl of Sandwich! This past summer I went on a date at Disney Springs and it was fun walking around getting Ghirardelli and then hopping on a bus to one of the Disney Resorts to catch the firework show by the lake which is cute to do with your date.

   5.    Kings Bowling    (Directions here)

      Wanna have a fun inexpensive date? Go to Kings Bowling! It isn't your average neighborhood bowling alley. It almost resembles a nightclub inside, they play fun music, a full bar, and they have other games like billiards available too. Order a pitcher of beer and bowl the night away, you both won't regret coming here!

   6.     Lazy Moon     (Directions here)

       Lazy Moon Pizza is a cute place for a first date. The pizza is always bombs and they have interesting beers on tap as well. It's a laidback atmosphere so your date probably won't feel as uptight as they would going to an expensive dinner on the first date. They also play good music so it isn't so awkward in case the conversation goes South on the date. 
        One of my favorites because wine is always a good idea! Located right along N Park Ave it's like a wine fantasy land inside. I would compare it to the Dave & Buster's of wine because you can upload money onto a card and they have wine dispensers throughout that you go up to and swipe whichever type of wine you want. It is really cool because for like $30-$40 you can sample a bunch of wine. They also serve food here and its always been amazing. People mainly come here for the wine though and once you go and do the card dispenser you'll see why.

A night out on the town $$
(From $40-$70)

  1.   Painting with a Twist   
          Show your creative side when you take your date to Painting with a Twist. It is a great time, they have an instructor that shows you step by step how to paint the design you choose AND there is a wine bar in the lobby so you literally drink wine, paint, they play music and its a really fun time! I can't paint to save my life but I was impressed with my artwork when it was finished. Skip a boring movie date and spend a few hours painting and getting to know your date better. They provide all the supplies, canvas, paint, etc. and the wine is very reasonably priced too. There are multiple locations in Orlando and they all offer different paintings on various days. Paintings range from $25-$39 per person depending on what you choose.

     2.    Cooper's Hawk  (Directions here Idrive)

          Looking for a more upscale date? Cooper's Hawk offers different wine tastings at the bar and it's a great way to try a variety of wines as well as engage with your date. It is a great place for dinner too and they often offer you free wine samples, so between the wine tasting and the samples you get at the table you should probably just Uber there. Cooper's Hawk is a perfect date venue and you certainly won't be disappointed! Wine tastings excluding dinner cost anywhere from $14 per person to $40 per person depending on which one you select. 

     3.    Dave & Buster's   (Directions here)

           If you've never been you're really missing out on a fun time. Dave & Buster's is like Chucky Cheese for adults. It is a huge arcade with a bunch of games to choose from, a full bar, and a restaurant in one. If you're looking for a variety and a memorable date that is far from boring then this is a great option for date night. They're always offering promotion deals where if you purchase dinner you also get a play card to use in the arcade area. Prices for the promotion range from $20-$36 per person.

     4.     Earl's Kitchen   (Directions here)

           Another more upscale place to take a date, and it's a personal favorite of mine. The food is awesome and they offer a wide variety from avocado toast to sushi rolls. I'm a true fan of Earl's Kitchen because their drinks are so good. I recommend getting their Moscow Mule, its to die for. They have a $5 alcoholic drink of the month that they switch out and their Happy Hour, in my opinion, is one of the best in Orlando. 

     5.     AMC Dine-in theater  (Directions here)

            If you're going to take a date on a movie date, then take the extra step and take your date here. It isn't your "average" movie theater, it is basically dinner and a movie. The chairs are big and spacious and there were like 4 chairs in a row making the experience more comfortable. You press a button and you have your own server who grabs you whatever food and drinks you order off the menu. It is more expensive than your normal movie theater but you're getting a luxury experience with superb service, a great way to impress your date. The ticket for the movie is around $15-$20 per person and of course, food/drinks are an added cost.

He/She is the one $$$
(From $70-$100+)

     1.     Topgolf   (Directions here)

            You don't have to be a professional golfer to enjoy Topgolf! You and your date would have your own bay, which has a sitting area and a server. They offer a full food menu and drinks by the pitcher/bottle or by the glass. The bays are rented off on an hourly basis so you can get a few games in with two people. Depending on what time you go and order off the menu this can cost upwards of $70+ for two people. It is definitely worth it if you're serious about your date and want to have a fun time! 

    2.    Orlando Magic Game  (Directions here)

          Sporting events are always cute for date night even if you don't understand sports per se the vibe you get at a live professional event is exhilarating! You can dress up cute at Magic Games, they have multiple bars to grab drinks and depending on the game you choose to go to you can score decent seats for around $50+ a seat. Even if you and your date know nothing about basketball, I promise you'll enjoy the vibe you get from going to a live NBA game.

    3.    Helicopter Tour  (Directions here)

        Nothing like a little... or a lot of adrenaline to spice up a date! Doing something you've never done before with someone you like is memorable and who really wants to do the same thing over and over again?! You may get some hesitation or mixed feelings about it upfront but once you fly over Orlando and see the attractions you'll definitely get points for thinking outside the box and being spontaneous. Tours start at only $35 per person to $140 per person.

 4.     Eddie V's Prime Seafood   (Directions here)

        One of the best seafood restaurants in Orlando located along the prestigious "Restaurant Row" in Doctor Phillips. Pulling out all the stops with this restaurant, if you both enjoy seafood then this is one of the premier choices. They do offer a Happy Hour from Monday-Sunday 4 - 7 pm... however starting price per person for dinner is $60+. 

 5.   Four Seasons, Dinner at Capa      (Directions here)

       If you want to really make an impression on your date then you reserve a table at Capa on the outdoor terrace. Elevated on the 17th floor of the Four Seasons, you'll be able to get picture-perfect views of the Disney fireworks and have one of the best fine dining experiences that Orlando has to offer. Easily starting at $40-$50 per person.

(Four Seasons)

That completes the wide range of date possibilities in the Orlando area. If you liked this or found it helpful then please repost and tag me! Also, leave a comment below and tell me what you want to see next. If you haven't already follow my Instagram at CorofCor and be sure to subscribe so you can constantly stay in the loop for all my Orlando guides and travel posts! 

- CorofCor

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