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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Best Places to Take Photos in Nashville

      Nashville is such a fun city with great spots throughout that are ideal for pictures. If you haven't read my post on "Nashville Hacks: Guide for a fun trip", click here. Here is a list of all the best places you should go to take your OOTD and Instagram pictures!

1. ACME Rooftop/Sidewall

  For impeccable views of Broadway that are ideal for pictures check out the top of ACME. The rooftop wraps around and you can see the Nissan Stadium, pedestrian bridge, and all of Broadway. The sidewall, picture below, is incredibly cute for your outfit photos or candid pictures. The ACME building itself is worn out looking creating a vintage vibe. Definitely worth even just getting a drink and taking skyline photos!

     Imagine yourself in a cute outfit in this corner taking pics. This is such an ideal backdrop for pictures. 
Check out the vintage building which is also a great historic background. Walking across this crosswalk with the ACME and "Batman" building makes for a dope fashion or lifestyle photo!

2.  Kiss Lip Wall

    Simply iconic! The wall itself is a little hidden, it isn't easy to see as the other murals because it is located in an alleyway.  This is seen in countless Instagram outfit and lifestyle photoshoots. The mural is also in a super cute area with cafes and shops to check out.

Kylie Jenner has nothing on these lips! Work your creativity with the mural, there are endless possibilities 

3. John S. Pedestrian Bridge

   Not only is this a pretty stroll over the Cumberland River but with the stunning city skyline in view, it is an impressive backdrop for your pictures! Personally, there isn't much to do and see on the other side where the stadium is, so I would just take advantage of the top portion of the bridge. I know a lot of Instagram gurus take advanatge of the bridge for amazing photos. Here are a few pictures I snapped on the bridge to give you a glimpse. 

 Wide-open space with no vehicles!
Check out that SKYLINE! You can do all sorts of photos here from engagement to fashion editorial. Simply a stellar view of the city.

4.  LA Jackson Rooftop

     Now I mentioned this in my "Nashville Hacks" post because it was truly one of the highlights of my trip visiting my best friend. Great for a night out pictures, OOTD pictures, and glam fashion pics among other categories. Seeing the sprawling views of the skyline and surrounding mountains is breathtaking and can be heaven to those who love landscape photography. 

Did I mention it is a great vantage point for those beautiful Nashville sunsets!

5. I Believe in Nashville/Striped Wall

     Probably one of the most recognizable murals of Nashville in the cute 12 South neighborhood. Literally, right in front of the famous, "I believe in Nashville" mural is Draper James which has the striped wall. So you can knock out two iconic photo spots in just one sweep.

Located in the cutest neighborhood where Southern charm reigns

6. Dog Mural

    The real name of the mural is "Herakut Mural" and its located in downtown Nashville by Nashville City Center. It is a giant mural that spans the side of a building. Really cool to check out and great for a background for pictures.

7. The Nashville Sign

      At the fork of West End Ave and Broadway lies a cool abandoned structure with a changing electronic sign at the very front. I wish I was able to take more pictures here! Lots of possibilities since its a large space and abandoned. It is also cool because in front of the actual sign you can get building and the surrounding around in the background. I would say that sunset time is the best time to come here and snap photos.

Such a cool area to take all your photos. I can't wait to go back and snap some here!

8. Whiskey Row & Up along Broadway

       I love the building of Whiskey Row for photos! You get a good photo composition on the ground of the building, Broadway, people, and the overall environment that is so electric. Imagine yourself walking across the street in front of Whiskey Row, that would be such a cool walking OOTD photo. Also up along Broadway is all picture perfect with the big neon signs and bar fronts!

 Walking across this street with a cute outfit on taking photos in burst mode... I live for it!
Get the bustle of Broadway in the background of your pics for a cool vintage vibe.

9. Wings Mural

        I saved the most cliche photo spot for last. It seems like this is the number one place for pictures in Nashville and it is always lined up with tourists waiting to take their pictures on the giant wing wall. This mural has been there for some time now so it has a big following. I think the other spots on this list are cooler and there is no wait. For tourist purposes, I place this on the list of best places in Nashville for photos.

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