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Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Best Places to Take Photos in Orlando

      We all want to take cute pictures in great locations, right? I have been living in Orlando for three years and have found some of the best places to shoot photos. I also am a photographer, Piccirillo Photography (Instagram) and have been able to explore the city to find the best of the best spots for pics. Whether you're looking to take lifestyle, fashion editorial, engagement, wedding photos, or even selfies, these are some of my most prized and favorite locations in and around the Orlando area! Along with the locations below are the links to pull them up on Google Maps and some of the shots I've taken at these spots... Remember to repost if you enjoy this content!

1. Leu Gardens, Winter Park

      This park is just so beautiful just to take a stroll! A lot of people get married in the gardens, and I'm not surprised. Leu Gardens is made up of a few sections. There is a cute vegetation garden with lots of greenery and herbs, but the main focus I'm obsessed with is the rose gardens located in the middle of the gardens. The rose gardens are pretty expansive and complete with a water fountain it is just perfect for pictures! There is normally a $10 fee to get in, but I have never paid that to get in... I usually just walk on in or pretend I'm on the phone and walk through... whatever! It's all about the bomb photos anyways.

Rose garden with the water fountain
Close up in the Rose garden 

2. Lake Monroe Wayside Park

       Okay, friends, I know this seems out of the way BUT just trust me... this place is so cool with the bridge. The editing you can do is endless with the location. The photos I did here were for a fashion editorial shoot and they are probably by far my favorite I've ever done. Let your creativity take over when you shoot here and you won't be disappointed!

Look how cool this is with the bridge. You can do so many different angles and looks on the bridge.
 One thing I loved about the park is that it is next to a waterway. Great for water pics if you're into that.
Even as a background and not a primary focus, this background is killer!

3. Welcome to Orlando Wall

      This was where I took my first blog photo. No one really knows where it is, it is honestly hidden in Downtown. Great for cute lifestyle pics! The painted wall is behind Uncle Tony's Donut Shoppe off N Orange Ave. Parking is limited because it is tucked on the side, so I would parallel park on N Orange Ave and walk over. I would get there early because people can park in front of the wall.

 Look how cute and detailed this mural is, I love it!
Whether a local or tourist, you need a pic in front of this iconic wall

4. Baldwin Park, New Broad St.

      Another hidden gem that no one really knows about. The scenic views, picture-worthy houses, and a beautiful lake with a bridge, you can't go wrong. I've taken graduation photos here, and many lifestyle inspired photos. There are lots of flowers in the area that are excellent in pictures. By flowers I mean, Orange Blossoms and they smell AMAZING. There is parallel parking on both sides of the park, and every time I've been there it is empty... once you go, you'll wonder why it's empty too!

 Pretty flowers and scenery throughout the area
Sprawling landscape, great for focus shots
Orange blossoms create a pretty background

5. Sunflower Fields, Lake Jesup

         This is an amazing location! There is a sunflower field that blooms the end of September through the first week of October (Only a short 2 weeks, 3 at most). These aren't super large sunflowers, they're small but vast throughout the field. I'm not going to lie it is a little hike through the woods to get to the field, but just look at these beautiful photos... the little hike was worth it. There is parking at the end of the road, and a marked trail to follow. My main tip is to be aware of weather... if it rains the field will be muddy and thick and won't be worth it. (Remember they're only in bloom from September 25ish - October 9thish). Well worth the drive though!

 Great for lifestyle and fashion editorial pictures. I know other photographers come here and do engagement photos too.
Gorgeous for any and all types of photos! Just be creative with it.

6. Along Park Ave, Winter Park

      There are multiple locations along Park Ave that I love for photos! If you want a retro vintage look, there is a condo at the end of the avenue that is pink and great for outfit photos. Also in the same vicinity, there is a fountain covered in vines that is pretty, new townhouses that make a killer backdrop, and a golf course among many other places in eyesight of the pink building. 

 Miami, vintage, retro, cute... whatever vibe you're going for
If bougie is your thing, well here you go. Welcome to Winter Park

    A few blocks West of Park Ave is another hidden location that people can NEVER find because it's so tucked in! I'm obsessed with the look of this location, I wish I lived there. Every time I go I feel like I'm in the Italian countryside. The vines and greenery blanket the building looks like its straight from a travel magazine. 

 So beautiful here, very Tuscany. It's like out of a storybook
Vines cover most of the building. You can get cool close-ups and angles since vines are on both sides of the building 

7.Disney World Resorts

      This probably sounds obvious but there is a twist. Hear me out, so you park your car in one of the garages at Disney Springs, walk over to the bus station at Disney Springs with the Disney transportation buses. They take guests to and from the resorts, free of charge of course. Pick which resort you want to go take pictures at. Hop on the bus, they don't ask or clarify that you're staying there and after a brief drive you're there. It is the same process to get back, just take the Disney Springs bus back to the bus station near where you parked. My favorite resorts to take pictures at are Grand Floridian, The Polynesian, and Fort Wilderness Lodge. Three completely different themes so great for all kinds of photos. You don't have to buy a ticket and you don't have to buy a room. You can also dip in the pool and watch the Disney fireworks at the resorts as well. Make a day out of it, it's a good time.

 This is at The Polynesian Resort they have a beach with bungalows
 The Grand Floridian Ballroom
Fort Wilderness Resort

8. Kraft Azalea Garden

       This park is small and cute. Great for photos because they have these stunning columns that overlook the lake. Best to take photos in the evening, the sunsets are usually so pretty along the lake. Just a short drive from Park Ave.

That sunset wasn't photoshopped... The columns give the pictures a historic detail that you can't really find anywhere else in Otown

9. N Orange Ave (Between Orlando Ave and Fairbanks)

      I love how diverse this strip of road is for photos. Think of a lot of clean colored walls to shoot on. There is a Foxtail Coffee Shop with dark gray walls that are great. Vespa has funky colored walls to shoot on. You can take a classic white wall photo on the Avalon Exchange exterior. Cute restaurants with decorated fronts to take OOTD pictures in front of. Is definitely one of my hotspots because you can get a lot of different looks done in a short distance. Here are the directions for the Foxtail building, which is right on that strip. 

 There are a bunch of colored walls along this street that is great for backgrounds
Avalon is an iconic photo spot. The rear entrance has some distressed white walls as well.

10.Downtown Public Library

    If you're going for a cool concrete grayscale background then you will fall in love here. The outside is great for photos, but the inside is way cooler, literally. The dark gray concrete is themed inside for the staircase leading up. Check out this fashion editorial pic I shot here!

You can do some really cool edits with the lighting and the gray here. It is a really cool grand scale feel to it.

11. Downtown Orlando (Various Streets)

     Downtown is my favorite place to shoot because it is diverse and I love those city vibes I get when I capture it in my photos. One of the prettiest streets, in my opinion, is E Central Street. It runs right next to Lake Eola, the Public Library and hits N Orange Ave. Down by Eola Wine, there are pretty apartment buildings down that way, and the overall aesthetic makes it feel like you're in more of an urban downtown. Here are the directions to Eola Wine which is on E Central Blvd.

The mix of buildings, excess of concrete, and limited trees are great for those city elements in photos. This was taken across the street from Eola Wine

    A block South of Eola Wine is a cute intersection where Stubborn Mule and Muddy Waters are located. This is great for OOTD pics in motion. You get the cobblestone streets and the modern buildings, this makes for a great shot! 

The streets here aren't super busy so it is great for action shots crossing the street!

       Along N Orange Ave towards where the Dr. Phillips Performing Arts Center is located, the crosswalk in front of the Bohemian hotel is an amazing place for photos! Keep in mind this is one of the busiest streets in all of downtown... So don't go in the early morning and don't go around 5pm either. Here are directions to the Bohemian hotel which is right in front of this cool intersection to shoot.

One of my favorite DT pictures! Just watch out for cars and buses, it can get pretty busy here.

     A lot of engagement photos are taken on Church St as well. The best part stretches from N Orange Ave to the I-4 overpass. This stretch of street has the cobblestone, and old looking architecture for the buildings.

12. Thornton Park Central Garage

       I found this amazing photo spot on a whim! If you love murals and cool art, you'll love this place. My favorite was the grudge looking girl with the old VCR block colors in the background. It is free to park here for up to 30 min and there is also 2-hour parking along N Eola Dr which is a short walk away. 

There are so many colorful walls with cool art pieces on it
Grudge VCR girl is my favorite

13. Mills District

       The Mills District is super cool in general, with cute bars and restaurants on both sides. Again, there are cool murals throughout the area. If you like shooting with abandoned backgrounds, there is a deserted gas station that is pretty cool for this look, and there is parking nearby so it's an easy walk. The abandoned gas station is across the street from Pop Thai (Which is also really good).

     If you're more into colored walls/murals, I would check out the Tako Cheena building for street art and also the Willy's Mills Avenue Liquors building for a vintage 50's art designs on the front walls. Tako Cheena is diagonal across the street from Willy's.

     The Heavy is an "Anthropologie" take on a bohemian plant and home store. It has pretty decor and even a cute coffee shop inside. It is labeled as Lombardi's Seafood on the outside of the building, most people don't know that this place even exists. Definitely great for lifestyle pictures, and to pick up a cup of coffee!


      If you like the locations and enjoy the content then PLEASE REPOST and TAG the COROFCOR blog on FB or Instagram. These are my favorites that I continue to shoot at. Orlando has so much to explore and some diverse locations for pictures. Stay tuned for even more insights for Orlando and traveling! Check out my previous posts on top Orlando restaurants, and my Travel Hacks. Also, tell me what you wanna see in the comments below! Until next time friends...


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