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Wednesday, April 14, 2021

11 ways to completely revamp your style

Confidence is bliss

    Hey everyone, and welcome back! This post is all about revamping your look so that you feel more confident and put together. Every day we should feel beautiful, stylish, and self-assured that we look awesome and, most importantly, feel awesome! Fashion is meant to be experimented with, it's meant to be expressed, and it's meant to be fun. 

    This post is diving right into the tips, hacks, and elements that I've used to revamp my wardrobe and style. Together, we can revamp your look and get you to the point of almighty confidence!

*Like my outfit? Be sure to scroll to the bottom of this post to get the look ;)

    I know it's easier said than done but, I promise that you'll not only feel relieved, but it'll be beneficial for you to clearly organize your wardrobe. To be honest, I try to do this at least every 6 months. I like to do this because I'm a visual person, and then I can clearly see what I have that may be newer that I haven't worn as much. Another pro about doing this is that you can feel good about donating your older clothes to charity or even trying to resell them to make some extra coin.
    I love doing this one! Like I stated at the beginning of this post, "Fashion is meant to be experimented with." The quick fix here is to try on pairings that you never have tried on before - and that you would never think to put together. Some of my favorite outfits were created this way! One saying that I always keep in mind for this styling is, "If I know deep down that my outfit matches, yet I'm unsure about it, then I'm being fashion-forward." 

    Number three is great because this will help you to think through your outfits ahead of time. The 8 - hour rule is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of rushing at 7 a.m. to think of an outfit to wear to then most likely grabbing the same things every day, this rule makes you think the night before of what you'll wear the next day. Simple right? This makes a big difference giving it a little more thought the day before. You'll find putting together new outfits refreshingly easy!
    This is the almighty power of style, The Capsule Collection. You're probably like, what is that? I got you; this is like the staples, the foundation of your wardrobe. This is a collection of garments designed to be worn together,, which are harmonized in color and lines. Basically, it is the essentials needed to complete many looks and outfits. More on The Capsule Collection, on next week's post!
    Accessories are my go-to when it comes to styling. Just some simple jewelry, a scarf, or even a bag can drastically elevate your look altogether. If you're not used to adding accessories start small. I would recommend starting out with a neutral-toned watch or even a bracelet and adding more pieces each week. Bags are also a great addition to revamp your look,, and this can be an easier route to incorporate accessories. The rule of thumb is to always have at least a black bag and a brown bag. Those two colors alone go with so much!
    If you couldn't tell in the main photo of this post... I'm layering. The art of layering is a great tool to use when revamping your style because it creates numerous outfits. Adding that extra detail of a jacket, a cardigan, a swimsuit cover-up will make you look more thoughtful and often times will also make you look more expensive. A great piece to have that is a part of the capsule collection is a denim jacket. You can do so many layering looks with a denim jacket: a hoodie under the denim jacket, a graphic tee under the denim jacket, or even a tank top under the denim jacket.
    I have found so many legit treasures from thrift stores and vintage stores! Most of my favorite clothes are from the thrift store because they're so unique and different; a retail store just could never! You can literally get so many nice clothes for cheap at these places,, and no one would ever know. This a great way to introduce new looks into revamping your style. Start by searching for thrift stores near you. Just know that it can be hit or miss,, but it's also the hunt that makes finding amazing pieces so rewarding and fun.
    This is a real fun one... Sometimes you have to make those tough decisions,, and unfortunately, styling is no different. Get clothes that you WILL ACTUALLY wear and AVOID exuberant spending. I put that in all caps for myself... as a reminder because the decisions are tough sometimes. By making better decisions on what you're actually buying, I can vouch that you will immediately become more mindful, confident, and stylish in your choices.
    So I have actually been doing this for my Spring theme,, and I must say it has been so helpful in my style game. So start by going to your closet and turning all the hangers to face the opposite direction. Then, as you wear your clothes, you’ll return them to the closet with the hanger facing the usual way. This is a great way to actually show yourself what you've been wearing,, and it will challenge your creativity to style the remainder of the clothes. A true fashionista in the making!
    I've fallen victim to this once or twice... just don't do it! Aim to incorporate more wearable pieces that you can restyle into other outfits. From experience, don't spend money on something for only one occasion because then it'll just sit in your closet and you'll regret ever buying it in the first place. Stick to classic colors or neutral tones for an event, you can never go wrong,, and STYLE IT differently in the future. 
    Here is another fun challenge to revamp your style altogether! For example, the blazer I'm wearing in the photo, I'm wearing it "traditionally"; however, try draping it or rolling up the sleeves and seeing how that transitions your look altogether. Costs nothing to wear it differently yet can completely revamp your entire outfit. This is a great tool to use if you're tired of wearing the same outfits all the time. Just try something new; you might fall in love with the new style!

If you love my look worn in this post, shop below!

    Those are my TOP 11 tips, tricks, and hacks for revamping your style! I hope this was insightful and helpful in your quest of being stylish and more confident in your look. Like always, please drop your email down at the bottom so you never miss another one of my posts. Also, make sure to follow me on LiketoKnow.It (Heart Icon) and my Instagram (Camera Icon), so you can keep up to date and see all my outfit inspirations! Thank you! - CorofCor


Tuesday, April 13, 2021

48 hr in Orlando


The City Beautiful
    Otown, The City Beautiful, The city where Mickey Mouse lives, whatever name you want to identify Orlando as is a place packed with exciting things to do and explore. There is way more to Orlando than just your typical theme parks. When speaking to tourists, they often think that as locals, all we do is go to the parks, and they may be true for some, but there is so much more to Orlando. This post offers more than your Disney World, Seaworld, and Universal Studios activities. In this post, I compiled the top things I would do in Orlando in a 48-hour span (Saturday-Sunday). 

    This list is perfect for locals looking to try new things and tourists looking to explore the real Orlando. You know I'm all about aesthetics and taking bomb Instagram photos, so be sure to bring cute outfits along and to charge up your camera because, most of all, these places have great photo locations. This list is made up of a schedule format on how I would schedule out my day in Otown, but these can be interchanged based on your interests!
        9am   The first place you should go on a Saturday is the Winter Park, Farmers Market.  Before Covid, it was set up at a vintage train depot off of S New York Ave. Now it's set up in a field only up the block. The market offers everything from food trucks, to plants/flowers, to farmers' produce. This is a great start to the morning, you can get some cute photos in, bum around outside, and you'll surely see lots and LOTS of dogs.


        10am After strolling around the Winter Park Farmers Market and grabbing a bite to eat, it's time to walk across the way to Park Ave. Here you will find many great places to take cute Instagram photos, cute cafes, and amazing restaurants. If you walk down to the South end of Park Ave, you have Rollins College, there's a Starbucks, and a rose garden on that end. If you walk down the North end of Park Ave, you have Casa Feliz Historic House Museum (A pretty wedding venue), beautiful places for photos, and a golf course.

*Kilwins is along Park Ave as a reference point, but also... they have the best ice cream, just saying!

        11am-1pm Once all the Instagram photos have been taken, it's time to go to one of my favorite places, East End Market. This market is in Orlando's cute area, where you'll find cute coffee shops, cafes, and a trendier vibe. East End Market, however, has so many cool vendors in such close proximity. They have Lineage Coffee which is amazing, Skybryd has the best wraps and juices, and YOU HAVE TO TRY Gideons Cookies... for $5, you get half a pound of cookie awesomeness! DOMU is so delicious if you're into Japanese ramen. This is a great lunch choice if you haven't eaten up until this point! Make sure to put your name first when you get there because the wait can be long at times, but totally worth the wait! 

    *Also, across the street is Kelly's Homemade Ice Cream, and I'm telling you right now it is the best place for dessert! My friends and I only ever go there because it is so delicious.

        1pm-3pm After you had an amazing time at East End Market and Kelly's Ice Cream, it is time to explore one of Orlando's prettiest parks, Leu Gardens. This is down the street from East End Market, and the park itself is huge. It's about 50 acres, to be exact, and it's a botanic garden with a butterfly garden and a herb garden. Lots of weddings take place here, and you'll catch on quickly as to why after stepping on the grounds. You can spend hours roaming the trails, and there is even a big rose garden and fountain in the middle. For the love of God, you must BRING A CAMERA and pose in the rose garden; it is so stunning. Costs about $5-$10 a person but, it's totally worth it!

        3pm-6pm After you're relaxed touring Leu Gardens, it's time to have some fun! This next place is a little touristy, but there is so much to do there. ICON Park off of International Drive has The Orlando Eye (400 ft tall observation wheel), Sealife Aquarium (I've been, and it's so cool), Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and over 40 amazing restaurants, bars, and shops. There is no admission to go to ICON Park; however, all the activities are a la carte but sometimes on Groupon, they offer group deals on the attractions. 

    After exploring the main attractions, I would say go grab a drink at The Sugar Factory for a cool cocktail. It's definitely worth the experience and the Instagram photos here. Restaurants I recommend here are Yard House, Shake Shake (Oh my god), and Uncle Julio's Mexican from Scratch.

        7pm-9pm Kings Dining & Entertainment, aka bowling, is a lot of fun. They play top club hits, there are TVs above each lane, and even bottle service if that is your vibe. They also have pool tables, a full bar, and a restaurant. Really great for all ages. I always have such a fun time here!

        10pm This is when the night really starts! You have to check out one of my favorite bars, Howl at the Moon! This is a lively dueling piano bar, and it's so much fun. You get to request the songs they play. They always have great drink specials, and it's always poppin'.

        11pm-Whenever If you wanna party all night long, you should definitely go to Roccos Tacos! For starters, this place has, in my opinion, some of the best Mexican food in Orlando, and don't get me started on the Guac. The restaurant basically turns into a club after the dinner rush with lively music and amazing drinks. Super fun to come here, get dressed up, and get some drinks!

          9am-11am After you survived a fun Saturday night, get ready because it is SUNDAY FUNDAY which is huge in Orlando, especially downtown. Kickstarting the day, go to the Lake Eola Farmer's Market. This market is much bigger than the Winter Park farmer's market. Here there are food trucks, fresh food stands, local artisans, honey stands, trinket stands, and everything else you could imagine at a market. After exploring the market, rent an electric scooter or bike and explore Lake Eola Park. The park is so stunning, and if you follow me on Instagram (Click the IG Icon above), you know that I'm literally always there. There are swans everywhere, the beautiful skyline, and of course, the iconic fountain.

        11am-1pm SUNDAY FUNDAY truly starts at Brunch. You have to get here at 11am sharp because this is one of the best downtown brunch places, The Stubborn Mule. Everyone dresses cute here on Sundays, there is live music, and there are BOTTOMLESS MIMOSAS. Often times they just bring the bottle to the table and leave it there. The food here is "innovative" New American which basically means it's cheat meal day.

        1pm-4pm If you're able to function after all the mimosas, you should head over to an Orlando City Game (If in season). These games are so much fun, and the tickets are so cheap! It's not a super far walk from Stubborn Mule but, you could always rent the scooters or bikes or just call an Uber. Being in the fan zone is the best; the energy is unreal. When my friends and I go, we pay like $15 for a ticket which is crazy. Of course, you can drink during the games too!

        4pm-6pm Pop over to Ember on Central Blvd in Downtown afterward for some more Sunday Funday fun. This is like a big gay party! They play the best music, bottomless mimosas, and they have hookas. Check online sometimes, you have to claim your ticket, aka spot online, before entering. The last time my friends and I went, it was $15 for bottomless mimosas! I always look forward to Sundays at Ember.


        6pm-8pm Go to Hawkers Asian Street food for dinner... literally, you guys, it is so good. I'm seriously addicted to it! Hawkers is off Mill's 50, a very artsy district, so definitely walkabout before or after exploring the scene. Lots of great murals and photo locations throughout the area.

        8pm The Glass Knife is a STAPLE in Orlando for dessert. You'll thank me after you go! They have the BEST CAKE and pastries. Not only is it Instagram-worthy, but the taste is so decadent and rich. This place is also great for photos, it is adorable on the outside and inside.

        9pm-11pm Featured on Instagram once or twice, Guesthouse. One of my favorite bars in Orlando is also located in the Mills 50 district. They have great drinks, great music, and it's also attached to another bar, the Sunroom. I get L.A. off Melrose vibes from the Guesthouse. It's a charming bar.


        11pm-1am Tori Tori is a really cool bar to check out of Mills Ave. It's a great place to end an amazing weekend. The bar is so aesthetically pleasing inside! It has a very trendy vibe, from the music to the interesting menu. You must go take cute photos in the palm print bathroom; it is ICONIC.

    Alright you guys, that does it for today's post, 48hr in Orlando! If you liked this post please comment down below and share it on your social media. Be sure to share with anyone who is planning to come to Orlando too! Don't forget to sign up for your email to get notified every time I upload a new post!! Thank you so much for reading and there will be a new post tomorrow. - CorofCor


Wednesday, April 7, 2021

11 Savvy Ways to Spend Leftover Spring Budget

Living on a budget...

    Living on a budget is REWARDING and has its pros. One of the best results is having LEFTOVER money to spend on things that will bring us the most joy and benefits. In hopes of kicking my own spending addiction to the curb (girl, the struggle is real), I comprised a list of 11 SAVVY ways to spend that leftover cash after staying on your Spring budget. 

    I comprised this list with most things taking only $5+ to start doing. Yes... that's right, one whole five-dollar bill. Y'all, it only takes a little bit and some creativity to change things up! Instead of blowing the hard-earned leftover money that you held on to because, you know, you're a responsible queen, here are some good places to start out in your conquest of rewarding yourself.

    *Disclosure: I only recommend products I would use myself, and all opinions expressed here are our own. This post may contain affiliate links that I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you.

    Let me start off by saying, EVERY DOLLAR SPENT TRAVELING is WORTH IT. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk... but on a serious note, traveling is the gateway to memory-making, learning about yourself, and the world around you. The awesome part about traveling is that it isn't as expensive as you may think. I bet you that there are great places within driving distance to you that wouldn't cost a plane ticket or even a hotel. If you are an explorer/let's just get on a plane and go somewhere type of person like me, though, there are great tools that I'll dive into that I use ALL the time to get the best deals.

    Although this isn't a step-by-step walkthrough on how to use Google, it's the holy grail for finding those places and gems near you that you've never heard of. You're going to be shocked by all the results that will pop up by typing, "places to road trip near me." Another free tool that is great for exploring is INSTAGRAM. Hop on the discover page and search "destination (your city here)" and see all the results that pop up. This is a tool I use to find new places to shoot photos and get new content.

"But CorofCor, I want to get on a plane" - I got you! Here are my favorite sites I use to get cheap flights to cool places: Skyscanner, Skiplagged

    Taking that extra money and starting a new avenue of income in your life is a great idea. You have to start somewhere, so why not now? When I started my Louis Vuitton Resale business, the start-up fees were nothing to set up on Facebook and Instagram. Getting the shipping items and everything else needed to start promoting costs under $50. Now, of course, the most expensive items for my business were the vintage Louis Vuitton's; however, that initial investment WILL pay off, and I've already sold my first wallet, doubling my profits.

    It's 2021, start an online business, start that business that you keep thinking about, start that business that people say you couldn't do. Lift your head up high, don't overthink it too much, and remember one of the most important steps is starting. Taking that extra money and putting it into a new business is a savvy investment.


    When it comes to this, always remember one question, "Do you remember 2020?". I hope that through all that 2020 had to offer us, we all learned the importance of having a stash of emergency funds to cater to the unknowns. David Ramsey, financier legend, always encourages people to have AT LEAST $1,000 in an emergency fund for unexpected dire situations. Having an emergency fund should be of the utmost importance with everything happening today, and you shouldn't sleep on this savvy move.

    This is a savvy way to spend some extra coin! A capsule collection is basically all the essentials needed to make basic outfits in your wardrobe. Last summer, I spent under $150 on Amazon for all the basics needed to create over 25+ outfits. Honestly was the best money spent at that time because I got the staples needed to create SO MANY outfits. Here are some of the links I used to get my Capsule Collection on Amazon:

    This should always be priority number one, always! There are many great platforms, such as Skillshare, that you can pay a small amount of money and learn a new skill. It's never a bad idea or never too late to learn a new skill or take on a new interest. You wake up with yourself every morning, and you take yourself to bed every night, so why not increase your knowledge to better your life? Small investments in yourself lead to big outcomes!

    I'm sure by now it is safe to say that everyone has heard of Bitcoin. Fun fact, Bitcoin's starting price was mere pennies in comparison to what it is now. There is an app I use called Coinbase that I personally use and love. Coinbase's cool thing is that you can actually invest infractions instead of paying for an entire stock. In other words, you can buy .25 of Bitcoin instead of having to purchase one whole Bitcoin for tens of thousands of dollars.
    Having little to no previous knowledge of cryptocurrency, Coinbase made it easy to understand and research different options. There is no minimum to invest, which is a nice perk. This could be a savvy avenue to invest in given research and good judgment.

    Redecorating for the change of seasons, changes in one's life or just a need for a change are all great reasons to redecorate. I love a good redecorating moment! A savvy way to spend some leftover money is to invest in your space and revamp the vibe. One of my ALL time favorite places to shop is definitely Target for revamping a space. For my balling on budget queens, Dollar Tree has amazing things to decorate with, all for only $1.

    You only have one body. Period. So taking some leftover money to invest in your health is honestly crucial. Whether that means investing in a gym membership, setting up an at-home workout space, or buying workout clothes that will motivate you to hit those fitness goals, that is true money that is well spent. During quarantine, I bought a jump rope and, for $9, got the best workouts in and lost 10 pounds during the madness of the stay-at-home orders. It got me in shape and made the situation way more bearable. Here is the jump rope I purchase and use regularly:

    Look, we all use them, and if you're like me, I'm constantly on mine. It is worth spending that extra money on a reliable device and can get everything you need to get done DONE. A word from the wise, aka me, always get a phone case... that's being REAL savvy with your money. 
    Did I deliberately put a puppy photo to make you want to donate? Yes, I did. If you're looking for those feel-good vibes that radiate throughout your life, then consider doing something exceptionally good with your money, donating! There are so many ways to donate and so many great causes to contribute to. So why not bless a good cause or some puppies?

    I saved a perfect one for last. Whether you're in a relationship or trying to build a relationship, doing good for others always gives you that warm sense of accomplishment that you did something selfless. It's never too late to try to reconnect with someone or reach out to someone you haven't spoken to in a while. Of course, calling, texting, and messaging on social media are free ways of communicating, but spending a few dollars to write a letter with a card to mail out is always so impactful. Maybe taking some of that money to get someone flowers will do more for that person than you know. 

    Never underestimate the power of doing random acts of kindness for others. It's wonderful and powerful! So before you go to Chipotle for the third time this week, think about a person that you could make things better with or truly cherish and instead buy a cute gift for them or something as simple as a card with a heartfelt message.

   Another post in the books y'all! Thank you for clicking and reading the post. I hope I shared some new savvy ways to spend left other money from your budgeting. As always, please share this if you think it could help someone! I would love it if you subscribed by placing your email in the subscribe tab at the bottom of this page. Thank you! - CorofCor


Tuesday, April 6, 2021


Welcome to CorofCor!

    I’m so excited to be creating content on this platform. This is more than just your average blog. CorofCor covers more than just beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. This is an innovative platform that brings top-notch content to people of all pronouns. Yes, that’s right; inclusion is everything. That was one of the main foundations for this blog and this brand. I'm exhilarated to share what I love with all of you. I'll be your one-stop shop for what to wear, how to wear it, where to go, and lifestyle topics. I'm a very spontaneous person who enjoys a great time and looking good at the same time. I want you to feel good about yourself through fashion, style and have fun along the way traveling and diving into lifestyle!

    Let’s be real; we’re all different and beautiful in our own way. I wanted this blog to be conceived with that principle in mind. This platform will connect people of all pronouns and identities to a safe, open platform to discuss beauty, fashion, traveling, and lifestyle topics. Being able to express yourself freely without judgment is a beautiful thing. This platform is built around an “open mindset” and living authentically.

     Being a gay male myself, I love being open and trying new things. I wear makeup sometimes, “women’s” clothes, and sometimes I don’t, and the best part is that I’m just embracing myself and whatever I want to do. I want this blog to act as a way for people to try new things, not pass judgment, and embrace each other's differences. Sometimes you just need a cool, fun, open friend to talk to about whatever and explore new interests... Uhm, hello, I’m that friend, and I’m proud to take that title. He/She/Their/ALL that’s CorofCor. 

    The question you’ve all been asking, who is CorofCor? The name is Corey Piccirillo, and often I go by Cor. I’m 26 years old, living in the “City Beautiful,” Orlando, Florida. I have been a resident in Orlando for almost five years, and I'm originally from Ormond Beach, FL, along the East Coast. I've been a Floridian my whole life. My nationality is Norwegian, Swedish, and German descent, which explains my platinum blonde hair and pale skin.

    I’m gay, and I’m proud that I’m a part of such an accepting, fun, and resilient community of people. It's been quite the journey for MYSELF to get to this point. To overcome such negative obstacles to be the person I am today has actually been a beautiful and uplifting part of my life. If I had to categorize myself, I would definitely be the fashionable gay in the group, like David Rose in Schitt's Creek kind of vibes.

     I’ve always been into fashion and styling. It’s fun to be creative and to explore new ideas of self-expression. It shows the world what you're feeling and what makes you different without speaking it to people. I really like high fashion. Some of my favorite designers are Saint Laurent, of course, Gucci, Givenchy, and Alexander Wang. I also am a lover of casual looks and feels too. Zara, H&M, All Saints, and 7 for all mankind will always be my go tos for quick fashion. Winter fashion is my favorite because I love the draping, the layers, and all the looks that go along with it.

     I’m the type of person that will literally get on a plane and go somewhere I’ve never been alone. My favorite solo trips have been Washington, DC, New York City, and Charlotte, NC. I have such a drive to explore and to do new things. Throughout my travels, I’ve been able to really learn about myself and the world around me. I’ve been all over from Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and many cities in between. Everyone should experience the freedom and excitement of traveling well. Whether that be with other people or exploring on your own (I fully support an independent Queen). 

    I’m currently a proud Gator at The University of Florida. I’m in the Masters's program at the College of Journalism and Communication, studying Mass Communications specializing in Digital Strategy. It’s always been a dream for me to go to grad school at UF, and I’m so proud of myself for achieving that dream. I’m also a sports fanatic and so excited to be one of those people on the sidelines hollering for my team. Go Gators!     

    Blogging isn't new to me. Collectively, I've been blogging since 2015 and have been able to explore other avenues that have sparked my interest as well. Some of those avenues are making YouTube videos and producing Podcasts on Apple Podcasts. I love that I could try new ways to explore my creativity, but I've always been drawn back to where I started, blogging. To say the least, I am a visual person, and writing out topics has always been the most beneficial to me. So here I am, I completely gave this blog space a revamp and have fine-tuned my mission, and what it is that brings me the most joy.

    I'm so happy to have you here to be a part of CorofCor and this journey. I look forward to posting every Tuesday and Wednesday about everything beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and travel. Feel free to share this platform with your family and friends and interact with my social media handles on the top right and bottom of the blog. Always stay up to date with my posts by signing up for my email list... who knows, I may have some special offers and GIVEAWAYS in store! Here are too many more posts! - CorofCor


Monday, March 23, 2020

Quarantine Workouts

      With all the chaos of stocking up on supplies and social distancing in place, the one thing we can always focus on is our fitness and well-being. Now I know with the COVID-19 spreading it's best for everyone's health to stay at home as much as possible but this doesn't mean we should give up on our fitness altogether. Of course, the gym does make it convenient and easy to workout BUT you don't need the gym or fitness classes to get a hard intense workout. The workouts in this post can easily be done in a bedroom, a backyard, or in a park. You won't need any fancy equipment, just the willingness to push yourself to the max.

     HIIT or High-Intensity Interval Training workouts are my favorite because they make the workout interesting and fun by constantly changing up the type of exercise. HIIT workouts pack a lot of energy exertion during a short amount of time thus you burn more calories... that's right, less time burning more calories... its the cure to that bottomless mimosa bar you indulged in last weekend. I get bored easily, especially doing the same workouts and with HIIT you can customize it to how hard of a workout you want.

    It's so intensive (depending on how hard you do it) that you don't and probably physically won't be able to do it every day. Doing a 30-45 min HIIT workout will wipe you out if you truly do all the exercises with all the reps. If this is your first time doing it I recommend starting to do two to three HIIT sessions a week because you'll be sore and you'll need to rest your body. Raising your heart rate is fundamental to the workout itself. Just tell yourself "it's only 30 min I got this" you'll be golden and you'll thank me later.

    Here is a break down of an at-home workout, again no equipment or weights needed:
    *If you're not sure how to do an exercise reach out to me or drop into a web browser for proper form. If you're doing the exercises right you WILL feel the burn so keep that in mind as you're going through the workouts.

  By this point, you're probably really feeling it and that's the whole point of HIIT. Make sure to drink lots of WATER and not sugar-filled drinks afterward. At this stage, you're wiped and will need to cool down. Sugary drinks can lead to muscle cramps which will hurt more than all those squats you just conquered. Enjoy the "high" you get after enduring such an intense workout!

    Feel free to add more reps or switch out the type of exercises out, for instance, if you hate jumping squats as much as I do, you can switch it out for wiper abs instead.

    If you live in an area where you're able to work out in the park then check out my YouTube video:

    If you're looking to shed weight it's best to do HIIT sprints first thing when you wake up on an empty stomach BUT since it burns so many calories, this route will also burn little amounts of muscle if you're doing it on an empty stomach.

   Want to see more? Be sure to drop some comments down below. Subscribe to my new Youtube Channel and Instagram @CorofCor


Monday, January 20, 2020

Where to take a date in Orlando

      Whether you're married, engaged, dating, in a relationship with yourself, or taking a special someone on a date for the first time, you've thought about where to go on a date. Orlando can be overwhelming with options, and let's not forget that Orlando is really broken up into the "Tourism" side and the "Local" side. Both share different experiences that are great for dates! My friends ask me all the time where they should go for dates, so here is a list of the best places and ideas for dates in the Orlando area. I broke down the list from spending a modest amount $ to going all-out $$$.

Flexing on a budget $
(From $0 - $40)

  1.  Picnic at Lake Eola (Directions here)

        I love this idea, being outside with the lake setting with someone you care about, it's just really cute. There is free 2-hour parallel parking on N Eola Dr. or you can pay a few dollars for the metered parking along Central Blvd. There are many grassy areas at Lake Eola to choose from, some are more secluded than others. The best spots are located on the peninsula that jets out onto the lake (See photo) and underneath the trees in the field on the East side of the park, just make sure to bring a blanket. There is a Publix off of Central Blvd that is across the street from the park so it's perfect for getting your picnic food, I always suggest ordering Publix subs because you can never go wrong! This is perfect for a cute lunch date or a sunset date... your welcome!

          Don't overlook the Orlando eye! It is 23 minutes to ride, and you get a great view from 400 ft above ground. It is also climate controlled so it won't mess up your date's hair, so it's a win-win situation. It is actually really cool at night and it's pretty affordable compared to other attractions in the area. If you time it right you and your date can see the fireworks at Disney World and Universal Studios at night which is a nice touch to date. The Sea Life Aquarium is actually a cool experience and it's not as small as you would think. You and your date can definitely spend a few hours going around and seeing the different tanks and exhibits! Sea Life Aquarium is at the same location as The Orlando Eye and they always have deals on Groupon to do multiple attractions, click here to check out their deals. Florida residents pay $19.95 per person to ride The Wheel and $34.95 per person to do both, The Wheel and Sea Life. Definitely a memorable, not your average movie or putt-putt golf type of date!

          I can tell you first hand that it's always a good time. The shows are a good length where you and your date can enjoy the show and not feel bored. For $20 general admission you'll wonder why you haven't been after all this time. Definitely a great idea if you want a lighthearted date with your crush and not a typical dinner date. 

         Disney Springs is really cool for a date because it covers so many options. Disney Springs itself is free to park and enter... it's what you do at Disney Springs that adds those dollar signs $$$. There are some great places at Disney Springs that top off a date like Ghirardelli and Earl of Sandwich! This past summer I went on a date at Disney Springs and it was fun walking around getting Ghirardelli and then hopping on a bus to one of the Disney Resorts to catch the firework show by the lake which is cute to do with your date.

   5.    Kings Bowling    (Directions here)

      Wanna have a fun inexpensive date? Go to Kings Bowling! It isn't your average neighborhood bowling alley. It almost resembles a nightclub inside, they play fun music, a full bar, and they have other games like billiards available too. Order a pitcher of beer and bowl the night away, you both won't regret coming here!

   6.     Lazy Moon     (Directions here)

       Lazy Moon Pizza is a cute place for a first date. The pizza is always bombs and they have interesting beers on tap as well. It's a laidback atmosphere so your date probably won't feel as uptight as they would going to an expensive dinner on the first date. They also play good music so it isn't so awkward in case the conversation goes South on the date. 
        One of my favorites because wine is always a good idea! Located right along N Park Ave it's like a wine fantasy land inside. I would compare it to the Dave & Buster's of wine because you can upload money onto a card and they have wine dispensers throughout that you go up to and swipe whichever type of wine you want. It is really cool because for like $30-$40 you can sample a bunch of wine. They also serve food here and its always been amazing. People mainly come here for the wine though and once you go and do the card dispenser you'll see why.

A night out on the town $$
(From $40-$70)

  1.   Painting with a Twist   
          Show your creative side when you take your date to Painting with a Twist. It is a great time, they have an instructor that shows you step by step how to paint the design you choose AND there is a wine bar in the lobby so you literally drink wine, paint, they play music and its a really fun time! I can't paint to save my life but I was impressed with my artwork when it was finished. Skip a boring movie date and spend a few hours painting and getting to know your date better. They provide all the supplies, canvas, paint, etc. and the wine is very reasonably priced too. There are multiple locations in Orlando and they all offer different paintings on various days. Paintings range from $25-$39 per person depending on what you choose.

     2.    Cooper's Hawk  (Directions here Idrive)

          Looking for a more upscale date? Cooper's Hawk offers different wine tastings at the bar and it's a great way to try a variety of wines as well as engage with your date. It is a great place for dinner too and they often offer you free wine samples, so between the wine tasting and the samples you get at the table you should probably just Uber there. Cooper's Hawk is a perfect date venue and you certainly won't be disappointed! Wine tastings excluding dinner cost anywhere from $14 per person to $40 per person depending on which one you select. 

     3.    Dave & Buster's   (Directions here)

           If you've never been you're really missing out on a fun time. Dave & Buster's is like Chucky Cheese for adults. It is a huge arcade with a bunch of games to choose from, a full bar, and a restaurant in one. If you're looking for a variety and a memorable date that is far from boring then this is a great option for date night. They're always offering promotion deals where if you purchase dinner you also get a play card to use in the arcade area. Prices for the promotion range from $20-$36 per person.

     4.     Earl's Kitchen   (Directions here)

           Another more upscale place to take a date, and it's a personal favorite of mine. The food is awesome and they offer a wide variety from avocado toast to sushi rolls. I'm a true fan of Earl's Kitchen because their drinks are so good. I recommend getting their Moscow Mule, its to die for. They have a $5 alcoholic drink of the month that they switch out and their Happy Hour, in my opinion, is one of the best in Orlando. 

     5.     AMC Dine-in theater  (Directions here)

            If you're going to take a date on a movie date, then take the extra step and take your date here. It isn't your "average" movie theater, it is basically dinner and a movie. The chairs are big and spacious and there were like 4 chairs in a row making the experience more comfortable. You press a button and you have your own server who grabs you whatever food and drinks you order off the menu. It is more expensive than your normal movie theater but you're getting a luxury experience with superb service, a great way to impress your date. The ticket for the movie is around $15-$20 per person and of course, food/drinks are an added cost.

He/She is the one $$$
(From $70-$100+)

     1.     Topgolf   (Directions here)

            You don't have to be a professional golfer to enjoy Topgolf! You and your date would have your own bay, which has a sitting area and a server. They offer a full food menu and drinks by the pitcher/bottle or by the glass. The bays are rented off on an hourly basis so you can get a few games in with two people. Depending on what time you go and order off the menu this can cost upwards of $70+ for two people. It is definitely worth it if you're serious about your date and want to have a fun time! 

    2.    Orlando Magic Game  (Directions here)

          Sporting events are always cute for date night even if you don't understand sports per se the vibe you get at a live professional event is exhilarating! You can dress up cute at Magic Games, they have multiple bars to grab drinks and depending on the game you choose to go to you can score decent seats for around $50+ a seat. Even if you and your date know nothing about basketball, I promise you'll enjoy the vibe you get from going to a live NBA game.

    3.    Helicopter Tour  (Directions here)

        Nothing like a little... or a lot of adrenaline to spice up a date! Doing something you've never done before with someone you like is memorable and who really wants to do the same thing over and over again?! You may get some hesitation or mixed feelings about it upfront but once you fly over Orlando and see the attractions you'll definitely get points for thinking outside the box and being spontaneous. Tours start at only $35 per person to $140 per person.

 4.     Eddie V's Prime Seafood   (Directions here)

        One of the best seafood restaurants in Orlando located along the prestigious "Restaurant Row" in Doctor Phillips. Pulling out all the stops with this restaurant, if you both enjoy seafood then this is one of the premier choices. They do offer a Happy Hour from Monday-Sunday 4 - 7 pm... however starting price per person for dinner is $60+. 

 5.   Four Seasons, Dinner at Capa      (Directions here)

       If you want to really make an impression on your date then you reserve a table at Capa on the outdoor terrace. Elevated on the 17th floor of the Four Seasons, you'll be able to get picture-perfect views of the Disney fireworks and have one of the best fine dining experiences that Orlando has to offer. Easily starting at $40-$50 per person.

(Four Seasons)

That completes the wide range of date possibilities in the Orlando area. If you liked this or found it helpful then please repost and tag me! Also, leave a comment below and tell me what you want to see next. If you haven't already follow my Instagram at CorofCor and be sure to subscribe so you can constantly stay in the loop for all my Orlando guides and travel posts! 

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